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VoxelGamesLib Documentation


VoxelGamesLib is a powerful, feature-packed, abstract and expandable Minecraft minigames framework.

VoxelGamesLib aims to divide people into 3 group: game developers, game designers, map builders.

Game Developers

Game developers will make use of the modular APIs VGL offers to make creating minigames pain free and allow them to focus on what's important: the gameplay.

The structure of VGL allows developers to easily write many games without having to repeat themselves. Game developers will focus on game logic and alow game designers to be able to configure the game in depth (covered in the next section).

Game Designers

Game designers do not need to know how to write Java; they can modify existing games just by editing values in a JSON file. That allows game designers to quickly try out new things without relying on a game developer. They can even make completly new games, just by combinding and configuring existing features.

Mainly, game designers will work with game developers. Game developers create the game logic, and game designers decide how that logic is implemented and transformed into what the player experiences. Game designers can create things like kits, adjust scoreboards, adjust phase times and swap features/phases around with ease.

Map Builders

Maps define the experience a player has in the game. Each map allows for a completely difference experience of the same game. VGL makes it easy for map builders to set up and configure maps.

They can setup their maps right from the game, marking important locations (spawns, chests, drop points, complex interactive structures, etc.) using skulls. Changes in map configurations, such as skulls, are reflected immediately in the game without input from a game developer or designer.

Server Admins

VGL isn't just a developer framework, it supports the server admins as well. VGL incorporates many functionalities such as a powerful roles system to allow server admins to manage their server with ease.


Players make the game. VGL will allow players to easily play their favorite minigames, with support for stuff like elo based matchmaking and extensive stats tracking. They will also like that you have a seamless integration with consistency, every game UX is the same, making it easy to learn new modes.

To sum it up:

we care about every user of this framework, from the game developers up to the end users, and aim to provide the best experience possible for everyone.

Next Steps

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